SJ Academy of Wisdom 一般社団法人


最高能力者ShinJinが 『太陽からの啓示』 を受け、最も必要なる事柄を「一対一」でお伝えしています。これを、「シソーラス」といいます。

『啓示』 は、太陽のエネルギーの宝庫との交信により、前世から未来までを透視し、生きて行く中で障害となる事柄を、回避(抹消)し、また心からの願いを成就するためにおこなわれております。

法人・個人の場合どちらも、自らの言葉を用いてその方の意思をお伝えいただくことが、奇跡を起こす前提となります。 これによりその方の最良最高の道を示します。


ShinJin’s Thesaurus

ShinJin, who has extrasensory perception, gives necessary information to people one–on-one by receiving revelations from the sun. This is called `Thesaurus’.
The revelation is transmitted by communication between ShinJin and a treasure house of solar energy. By the revelation, people can see their previous lives and their futures, avoid obstacles in their lives and accomplish their desires.
To conduct the Thesaurus, ShinJin receives inquiries and petitions from people in the form of a specific question. When people question or pray to ShinJin, the miracle occurs after they report back and give thanks to ShinJin through Thesaurus.

Individuals and groups, petitioners send messages to ShinJin using their own words. This is a prerequisite to invoke a ShinJin’s miracle. By doing this, ShinJin will indicate the best path for that person.

In some cases, the problem is solved immediately. Nonetheless, there are some cases which take time for the problem to be solved. Even though some cases need considerable time, the problems may be solved five or 10 years later. There is no meaningless Thesaurus. Sending a sincere message from the bottom of one’s heart is essential to implement a miracle.